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Repealist – Creating colourful pro-choice art, celebrating Ireland’s move from a reductive constitution to true reproductive rights. Purchase directly from Repealist HERE @ShubhangiK proudly supporting the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment, brings you Repealist, celebrating Ireland’s move from a reductive constitution to reproductive rights via colourful pro-choice art. All proceeds of sale will support the […]

Eighth Amendment referendum: Two sides marshal forces

Source: Irish Times, 6th May 2017 – Pat Leahy Scope of potential new legislation and campaign strategies now under consideration To those who oppose the legalisation of abortion, the recent recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly were “horrifying”, “ dreadful” and “chilling”. For those who have campaigned for Ireland’s abortion laws to be liberalised, it was […]

Abortion: Pro-choice rally urges February 2018 referendum

Source: Irish Times, 2nd May 2017 – Aine McMahon Protest called by Coalition to Repeal the Eighth follows Citizens’ Assembly proposal A rally was held by pro-choice campaigners outside Leinster House on Tuesday evening calling for an abortion referendum to be held next February. It was organised by The Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment, […]

Ivana Bacik – Even a positive change to Constitution on abortion risks unforeseen consequences

Measure aimed at preventing a legal challenge to new abortion legislation will have to be carefully considered Nearly three decades ago, I was threatened with prison by Spuc (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children). It was 1989; I was president of Trinity College Students’ Union, and Spuc sought to imprison union officers for providing […]

Citizens’ Assembly backs liberalisation of abortion law

Source: Irish Legal News, April 2017 The Citizens’ Assembly has recommended an extensive liberalisation of Ireland’s abortion laws following a series of secret ballots over the weekend. Ms Justice Mary Laffoy, chair of the Assembly, announced the outcome of key ballots on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, the Assembly rejected the current constitutional restrictions, backed […]

Citizens’ Assembly clears way for State to vote on abortion

Source: Irish Examiner 24th April, 2017 – Evelyn Ring and Fiachra Ó Cionnaith The way has been cleared for the Government to allow a referendum on abortion without restriction early next year after a series of wide-ranging recommendations were made by the independent Citizens’ Assembly. In an historic move that has far-reaching consequences for the State, […]