The Citizens’ Assembly have left the politicians with nowhere to hide. They have expressly told them that Ireland’s abortion laws must change and that it is their job to legislate for that change.

They wanted ‘deliberative democracy’ – They Got It
They wanted a Citizens’ Assembly – They Got It.
They wanted a mandate – They Got It.
Now they must act on it.

ACT NOW – Email your TD, calling for a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment and for legislation to enact the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly. No more delays.

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Support the Citizens’ Assembly Recommendations

I am writing as a constituent of yours asking  you to support in the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly.  Under Ms Justice Mary Laffoy, the Assembly members considered presentations and testimonies from a broad range of medical, legal and ethical experts as well as 17 civil society organisations and the public.  Most importantly the Citizens’ Assembly heard the voices of Irish women and delivered a clear and specific direction to you, our elected representatives.

The assembly recognised the dangerous and profoundly discriminatory impact of the Eighth Amendment for all pregnant women in Ireland.  They voted decisively (87%) that Article 40.3.3 should not be retained in the Constitution.

No replacement amendment should be considered as 34 years of a constitutional amendment on women’s reproductive rights is enough.  The 8th Amendment must be repealed and not replaced.

The Citizens’ Assembly voted overwhelmingly to place women’s needs at the centre of any future legislation.  Their recommendations give a very clear direction to the Oireachtas that women’s lives, health and choices must be respected.  They voted overwhelmingly in favour of abortion being available to women across all 13 grounds presented to them on the ballot paper, including:

  • Risk to the health of the woman – 78%
  • No distinction to be drawn between the physical and mental health of the woman 72%
  • Socio-economic reasons – 72%
  • Abortion on request (without restriction to reason) in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy – 64%

Furthermore the Citizens’ Assembly made a supplementary recommendation to decriminalise abortion.  Women who have abortions are not criminals and this receommendation should be taken seriously.

In all, the Citizen’s Assembly recommended laws in line with a European norm which uphold women’s rights to bodily autonomy and bodily integrity.  They voted overwhelmingly for safe and legal access to abortion services which will allow women in Ireland to make the best decisions possible for themselves and their families without outside interference.

I am asking you now as your constituent to stand up for women’s reproductive health and human rights and to support

  • Full repeal of the Eighth Amendment (no replacement amendment should be considered)
  • Legislation that implements as a minumum the grounds for abortion recommended by the Citizens’ Assembly including abortion on request.
  • Decriminalisation

Reproductive rights are human rights.  Since 1980, more than 170,000 women have been forced to ‘Take the Boat’.  This cannot continue. Ireland’s need to face it’s responsibilities, stop exporting abortion and provide the services that women need here.









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