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One of the most important things to a politician is what the people in their local area (constituency) care about. TDs take it seriously when a constituent takes the time to write or email them.  Here are a few pointers for emailing your TD.

  • Introduce yourself as a constituent
  • Keep it personal – you are not expected to be an expert.
  • Why Repeal is Important – Say why repeal of the Eighth Amendment is important to you. 
  • Question them – Ask them questions about their own stance and how you can expect them to vote in the Dáil on this issue. 
  • Request their Support – Ask them to support motions through the Dáil and even if you know that they are personally opposed to change that they will not block a referendum to allow all voters have their say. 
  • You might like to include 
    • Repeal Not Replace – the importance of repealing the Eighth Amendment in it’s entirety (no replacement should be considered)
    • Support the Citizens’ Assembly Recommendations – That they should support access for abortion on the grounds recommended by the Citizens’ Assembly – they mirror the European norm.  
    • Decriminalisation – Nobody should be subject to a 14 year prison sentence for having an abortion.  
  • Thank them for taking the time to read your email and consider asking to meet them at their local clinic if you are willing to do so. 

Who is My TD? – You can find your TD’s local contact details here

Keep us posted – Whether you email your td or meet them in person let us know how you got on