Member Profile: DCU FemSoc

Who We Are

FemSoc DCU is a relatively new college society with the goal of promoting gender equality activism both on and off Dublin City University campuses. FemSoc DCU aims to leave its mark as a society on college life by bringing students together, both male and female, to raise awareness and support of important social issues and movements. We hold regular meetings and events to help grow the feminist community in DCU and to provide a platform and medium for students interested in gender equality. FemSoc DCU is inherently a pro-choice society and campaigns vigorously for free, safe and legal abortion in Ireland.

Why is Repeal important to us?

Repealing the 8th Amendment of our Constitution is important to us because we feel as students that Ireland needs to put the health, well-being and autonomous decision-making of women at the centre of its reproductive laws. Ireland’s rigid abortion laws have violated the human rights of women across the state for decades, including third level students. The 8th Amendment is at the centre of these violations. Many students and young people live on a minimal budget and would not be able to incur the vast fee’s that are involved in travelling for access to abortion. We need to protect these women.

Why is membership of the coalition important?

Working alongside other collectives and organisations with similar views and goals is a great opportunity to combine forces to advance abortion rights in Ireland. We are proud to now be members of the Coalition and feel it is vital for all pro-choice organisations in Ireland to stand together for full bodily autonomy for the women. It is also important for students and college societies to be represented and have a voice within the coalition.






Snapchat: @femsocdcu