Member Profile: Doctors For Choice

Who we are

Doctors for Choice is a group of doctors practicing in Ireland who believe that women, themselves, are best qualified to make decisions regarding their pregnancies, in their individual circumstances. We contribute to discussions about abortion, using evidence-based, peer-reviewed research, and challenge untruthful claims used to frighten women e.g. that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer as uncovered in recent investigations into bogus “advice” clinics in Dublin.

If you are a doctor or a medical student we will gladly welcome you into membership.

Why repeal is important to us

Doctors for Choice believes that the 8 th Amendment of the Irish Constitution should be repealed so that women can access standard healthcare in Ireland when they have a crisis pregnancy, to enable Irish doctors to practice evidence-based and compassionate medical care, to eliminate the criminalisation of abortion, to allow for the conscientious commitment of Irish doctors to care for women who choose abortion and to meet international human rights law. We trust women to make decisions about their pregnancies in a considered way.

We wish to provide Irish women with comprehensive compassionate reproductive healthcare in Ireland, respecting the choices they make regarding continuing or ending their pregnancies through abortion, and do not believe that any woman should be forced to complete a pregnancy against her wishes.

Why is membership of the coalition important

We believe that working with other organisations with similar beliefs and objectives is a great opportunity to learn and work together to advance abortion rights in Ireland.

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Facebook: Choice-Ireland- 522714117761585/

Twitter: or @Doctors4Choice