Member Profile: Everyday Stories

Who we are
Everyday Stories is a storytelling & art project.
Ireland is a nation of story tellers and this project aims to highlight the stories from the multiple people who have been affected by the 8th Amendment.   Every day the impacts of the 8th Amendment are experienced in the most personal and intimate ways imaginable, across a diverse range of maternity and healthcare issues.  Through this project we reveal the humanity of complex lives, considered decisions and difficult journeys. We hope these stories bring perspective, compassion and understanding to often divisive and difficult public debates and will help us find common ground.
Why repeal is important to us
10 women, on average, are traveling to the UK everyday for abortion services. Each of their stories reveal a difficult decision faced by an Irish woman during a time when her country either abandoned her, or did not put her life and health first.
We need to ask ourselves are we a nation who has compassion for women who find themselves in incredibly difficult situations, a nation that trusts women to make the right decision for themselves or are we a nation that neglects women and forces them to seek care from our UK neighbours.
We believe that Ireland is a nation of compassionate people and thus a nation that will repeal the 8th amendment.
Why we are members of the Coalition
The support for repeal and pro-choice legislation is overwhelming in Ireland.   Together, as a coalition, we can show support and compassion for the women & people of Ireland.  Together we are stronger.
Contact us
Facebook – @EverydayStoriesIrl
Twitter – @es_irl