Member Profile: Labour Youth

Who are we?

Labour Youth is a socialist youth organisation.  We are the youth wing of the Labour Party and are composed of members, aged 16- 30, from colleges and communities all across the country.  We campaign on a variety of issues, including the fight to repeal the 8th Amendment of the Constitution.  Labour Youth is a pro-choice organisation and we advocate wholeheartedly for free, safe and legal abortion in Ireland.

Why is repeal important to us?

The 8th affects everybody in Ireland, however, young people are especially limited by the constraints of this rigid and archaic amendment.  Since its insertion into the Constitution, it has served as a tool for discrimination against women and those who were female assigned at birth.  It allows for an unequal health system where pregnant people have only a qualified right to health-care.  Undeniably, the 8th Amendment disproportionately affects young women, women on low or no income, asylum seekers and undocumented women, among others, who are unable to travel with ease to obtain an abortion if they need one.  We are a feminist organisation and support women’s fight for independence and equality.  Paramount to this fight is the achievement of reproductive rights; the Eighth Amendment is the greatest barrier to this in Ireland today.

Why is membership of the coalition important

It is vital that like-minded organisations work together to repeal the 8th Amendment.  We are closer than ever to achieving this common goal today and it is through collaboration that we will obtain full reproductive rights for women* in Ireland.  Membership to the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment offers support to its member organisations to ensure that we can effectively campaign with optimal results. We must make our voice heard.  We must repeal the 8th.

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