Member Profile: LGBT+ For Choice

Who we are

LGBT+ for Choice is a voice for Pro-choice LGBT+ people in Ireland. We believe that the 8th Amendment limits the bodily integrity of lesbian, bi-women, trans men and those with non-binary genders.

Why repeal is important to us

The campaign for LGBTQ+ rights and reproductive freedom have been historically aligned.

In 1993, Ireland decriminalised laws which punished sexual activity between men of the same sex. Yet the Irish government continues to criminalise LBTQ+ people by making it a criminal offence to have an abortion except when there is “a real and substantial risk” to the woman’s life. 

In the largest LGBT survey conducted in Ireland, More than 90% of respondents agree that the LGBT community should support equality for other groups who experience discrimination. Adding, that the only issue of significance which was raised by respondents as an answer is ‘Repeal the eighth amendment’ or a call to liberalise Ireland’s abortion laws beyond the X Case ruling. (Burning Issues 2, 2016)

Why is membership of the coalition important

We believe that working with other organisations with similar beliefs and objectives is a great opportunity to work together to advance abortion rights in Ireland.

Contact Us

Twitter: @LGBTforChoice