Repeal the 8th Anthology edited by Una Mullally

Documenting social movements as they happen is hugely important.  As a means of documenting the movement to repeal the Eighth Amendment, Una Mullally will edit a collection of stories, essays, poetry, photography, art & design around the movement for reproductive rights in Ireland.  But she needs funding to bring the book to life so has joined up with British publisher Unbound to make it happen through crowdfunding. Once produced the book will be sold in conjunction with Penguin Random House.

You can help make it happen.  By pledging your support to this project HERE, you’ll help make this anthology come into being, and your support will also earn you exclusive rewards detailed on this page.

You’ll also be supporting The Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment as once the initial subscription has been raised, Una will donate 50% of the profits to the Coalition.