Road ahead is now clear for the Oireachtas to deal with the Eighth Amendment

Citizens’ Assembly delivers report on Eighth Amendment to Oireachtas

The publication of the Citizen’s Assembly report on the Eighth Amendment has been welcomed by the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment. The Citizens’ Assembly recommended sweeping reform of Ireland’s abortion laws by a large majority vote in April of this year.

Commenting on the publication of the report, Ailbhe Smyth, Convenor of the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment, said: “The publication of the Citizens’ Assembly report today again brings to the fore the fact that a majority of the Assembly, representing a cross section of the Irish electorate, voted for root and branch reform to abortion laws in Ireland.

“The Citizens’ Assembly clearly reflected a widespread understanding of Ireland’s highly restrictive and punitive abortion laws, the plight that Irish women find themselves in when they require an abortion, and the inhumane treatment they are consequently subjected to. Their recommendations could not be clearer: healthcare services must meet women’s real reproductive health needs, including the provision of full abortion services. In fact, a large majority of the Citizens’ Assembly voted for the provision of abortion without restriction within specified time limits.

“We’re calling on the Joint Oireachtas Committee now to respect the recommendations of the Citizen’s Assembly and to put an end to the inhumane treatment of women. There have been distressing cases brought to light in recent weeks, including the sectioning of a young girl, and a woman forced to travel to access abortion after being diagnosed with a fatal foetal abnormality. There can be no more political delays – every day, 10 women travel abroad to access abortions. The Oireachtas Committee must simply get on with their job and recommend a referendum on the Eighth Amendment be held as soon as possible. The Eighth Amendment must be removed in its entirety from the Constitution.”