If there isn’t a group in your area, why not start your own group. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Start Small – You can start a group with three people
  • Ask for Support and Advice from other Coalition groups
  • Set up an Email Account
  • Establish A Social Media Presence – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all three
  • Promote Your Group – email all your contacts and use your new social media platforms to make connections with other groups locally and nationally
  • Organise your First Meeting – agree group structures and roles and agree who will look after your communications. Brainstorm for ideas on how to connect with the wider community and set realistic goals both for membership and activities to get you started. Hints and tips on running a meeting.
  • Expand – Use your social media platforms to get your message out and to promote your first meeting or other activities. That all helps to build membership.
  • Take Action – Hold a public meeting or other events. Support other groups’ events in your region or nationally to keep your members active and motivated. Engage with local TDs and Councillors. Contribute to local media.
  • Join the Coalition – working towards a common goal with other groups and organisations maintains momentum, enables your group to connect with the broader movement, and provides your group with valuable contacts, training and networking opportunities.